Bananenhalle Finca Hotel La Gomera


18. September 2019

Prickly Cactus and its Fruit

It is hardly believable but the metre-high fig cacti survive without water. A few drops of rain suffice to make them grow on. And not only that – in the autumn these desert plants achieve to produce wonderfully juicy fruit. As of two weeks ago these prickly cactus figs have been part of our buffet again – carefully peeled by our staff – for our guests to enjoy these oh so delicious fruits.

30. August 2019


¡Hola! I am Lobo – the new one in the team. Luckily, I was able to learn from my predecessor Ringo all that you have to know as a hotel-dog on the Finca El Cabrito – and how to behave. Well – I like it very much here and hope to become as old as Ringo one day. You would like to know more about me? I am a Pastor Garafiano, a herding dog breed from La Palma similar to a shepherd dog. I’m still young, very friendly and endlessly patient. You can see for yourselves! I’m looking forward to get to know you at your next visit.

22. July 2019

Summer Nights Fun: Playing Boules

Now, at the heights of summer the boules players have a great time on our new illuminated boules pitch behind the bar. Beneath our beautiful palm trees, accompanied by the inimitable cries of the Cory’s shearwaters and the wafts of oleander flowers playing boules becomes a whole new experience here. Also for the spectators – after all the adjacent bar with its music, atmospheric lighting and the El Cabrito cocktails is the nightly attraction for ending a day of their holiday.

25. June 2019

Comfortable Living

Our young guests’ hearts are moved above all by the animals who live on the finca. And so it happened that it was mostly the children who pestered us on one point: They found that our goat-shed was too small and that the herd needed a far larger living area to feel comfortable. Our goat-shed is important above all in summer when there is not enough greenery in the dry river-bed for free ranging. We took the request of our guests seriously and decided to enlarge the goat-shed and to install better divisions at the same time. The building works took a month. Now our goats have twice as much room in the generously built shed and our two billy goats have their own quarter each.

Have look yourself: The goats in their new domicile are looking forward to your visit!

Foto: Benoit Tremsal

12. June 2019

First Honey Collection

Black bees and golden honey: The hundreds of thousands of black Canary bees which we keep at El Cabrito since last autumn have developed very well and are fulfilling their most important task namely pollinating the local plants. Two of the presently seven bee-hives have already become so strong this year that we can share their store of honey with them.

Not only our bee-keepers, Mathias and Miguel are happy about this first little honey collection. We are all happy, above all that we have obviously been successful in breeding and keeping these local black bees and thereby giving them back the habitat they used to have before they had been almost driven out by bee colonies brought from Europe.

19. May 2019

Colours from La Gomera’s Magic Garden

To create paints yourself is a very sensual process. The participants of a two-week workshop offered by the Swiss artist Mary Anne Imhof have been able to experience this first-hand. The stones collected in the mountains were smashed, pulverised to fine colour pigments in the workshop at El Cabrito and finally mixed to create coloured paints. Thus, individual paint-boxes with various water-colours were made. The result are works of art painted freely and with relish. Mary Anne Imhof says: “We have coaxed artistically secrets from the stones and thereby led the guests of our exhibition into a magic garden of natural paints.”

02. May 2019

Naturally Sustainable

Cut banana leaves into strips, plait them and fasten the braid onto a narrow strip of carton – and there you have a very special book-mark. Plaiting the fibrous banana leaves is a traditional Gomeran craft. Recently Petra, a local crafts artist from Vallehermoso taught our guests at El Cabrito how to master this. It seems simple but it needs patience and a bit of skill – but it is fun. With this action our guests manage to support the Gomeran Society for Sustainability: It will use these handmade book-marks at Canary fairs for sustainability.


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