Bananenhalle Finca Hotel La Gomera


25. June 2019

Comfortable Living

Our young guests’ hearts are moved above all by the animals who live on the finca. And so it happened that it was mostly the children who pestered us on one point: They found that our goat-shed was too small and that the herd needed a far larger living area to feel comfortable. Our goat-shed is important above all in summer when there is not enough greenery in the dry river-bed for free ranging. We took the request of our guests seriously and decided to enlarge the goat-shed and to install better divisions at the same time. The building works took a month. Now our goats have twice as much room in the generously built shed and our two billy goats have their own quarter each.

Have look yourself: The goats in their new domicile are looking forward to your visit!

Foto: Benoit Tremsal


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