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20. December 2020

Happy Christmas!

This is how we experienced 2020: Daily news with facts and enormous challenges, yet again new hope, successes, remarkable solidarity and steadfast consideration. Now we are looking into the future full of optimism and confidence. We are also looking forward to our 30th anniversary!

We from El Cabrito wish you all a happy Christmas and all the best in the New Year. Stay happy, healthy and optimistic! Good-bye and looking forward to hear from you in 2021!

22. October 2020

Creative Kids

During their tracks through the finca our little guests have found an abundance of wonderful material in the nature which they then crafted skillfully with great enthusiasm. The colourful flowers of the hibiscus and bougainvillae plants are in great demand with our holiday children. The imaginative creations are seen to their best advantage in the warm light of the late summer.

Apart from decoratives, Katrin - who takes care of the children - offers more super activities for the kids who holiday here with their parents: yoga for children, treasure hunts, imitation of musicals, friedship bracelets, excursions ... All information as to how and when.

30. September 2020

First-Hand Delicacies

A joy for both the cook and the guests: Now Mary, our cook can serve personally what she has cooked before – at our assisted buffet. Our guests are delighted to have occasion to coax a few details concerning the dishes from the kitchen-team. This way everything tastes twice as good! And whoever wishes a second portion thus praises also the cooking-team. And it results in happy faces on both sides of the buffet!

13. September 2020

Renewable Energies

This is good news for the environment: El Cabrito is finally allowed to increase their photovoltaic system. With 50 additional panels the efficiency of our existing system is doubled from 20kW to 40kW. This makes El Cabrito the biggest producer of renewable energies on La Gomera. Up to half of the real cost is supported by the state. On sunny days the new system allows us to cover up to 60% of our daily use. A surplus of energy is no problem because we can store the supply in batteries which allows us to even out any peaks of use or to recharge our electric vehicles at night. Thank you sun!  

13. August 2020

Night of the Shooting Stars

What happens if you have a most important wish you don't tell anyone for it to be fulfilled ... last night the star gazers at the beach of El Cabrito sent hundreds of wishes to be fulfilled to the universe. Every year in August lots of shooting stars can be spotted in our sky which is impressive at all times. The spectacle is due to comet dust that is burning out. Last night we counted up to 200 shooting stars per hour. Wonderful and unforgettable ...

Photo: Vera Duschler

19. July 2020

El Cabrito – a First-rate Holiday Destiny on the Canaries

Due to Corona the Spanish television channel RTVE reports in a small feature about our Hotel Finca El Cabrito. The film shows what we have always offered but also what distinguishes us, especially in this current situation: El Cabrito as an excellent holiday destiny far away from Canary tourist attractions, situated off the beaten track in a bay and only accessible by boat. At the moment, our hotel scores points since with an area of ten hectares we offer a lot of space and the minimum stay of a week which we anticipate of our guests contributes to protect guests as well as employees from infection. The film was sent at the weekend on both national and Canary TV.

17. June 2020

So happy: As from 4 July we are ready!

As from 4 July El Cabrito will be open for you again after three months of closure. An incredibly long time since, at the beginning, we counted more on weeks than on months. All the greater is our joy to be able to welcome you here again! At the moment, the entire El Cabrito team is being trained in the use of the standards concerning hygiene and security imposed by the government. The Finca is spacious – this means we will all be able to stick to the rules. Therefore, we are extremely well prepared for you to spend a lovely relaxed vacation with us. We are looking forward to seeing you … and you … and you …


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