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13. August 2020

Night of the Shooting Stars

What happens if you have a most important wish you don't tell anyone for it to be fulfilled ... last night the star gazers at the beach of El Cabrito sent hundreds of wishes to be fulfilled to the universe. Every year in August lots of shooting stars can be spotted in our sky which is impressive at all times. The spectacle is due to comet dust that is burning out. Last night we counted up to 200 shooting stars per hour. Wonderful and unforgettable ...

Photo: Vera Duschler

19. July 2020

El Cabrito – a First-rate Holiday Destiny on the Canaries

Due to Corona the Spanish television channel RTVE reports in a small feature about our Hotel Finca El Cabrito. The film shows what we have always offered but also what distinguishes us, especially in this current situation: El Cabrito as an excellent holiday destiny far away from Canary tourist attractions, situated off the beaten track in a bay and only accessible by boat. At the moment, our hotel scores points since with an area of ten hectares we offer a lot of space and the minimum stay of a week which we anticipate of our guests contributes to protect guests as well as employees from infection. The film was sent at the weekend on both national and Canary TV.

17. June 2020

So happy: As from 4 July we are ready!

As from 4 July El Cabrito will be open for you again after three months of closure. An incredibly long time since, at the beginning, we counted more on weeks than on months. All the greater is our joy to be able to welcome you here again! At the moment, the entire El Cabrito team is being trained in the use of the standards concerning hygiene and security imposed by the government. The Finca is spacious – this means we will all be able to stick to the rules. Therefore, we are extremely well prepared for you to spend a lovely relaxed vacation with us. We are looking forward to seeing you … and you … and you …

Papayas – Fruit from Giant Grass Blades

During the last weeks we harvested and freshly prepared 700 kilos of papayas. Now 400 litres of “Red Lady” jam are waiting to be appreciated by you.

Our sun-loving papayas are a true delight, with a reddish pulp, fresh flavour, delicious taste – sweet and thirst-quenching.

As a matter of interest: Papaya plants look like high, tender little trees but botanically are thick giant grass blades. The hollow stems stay green and therefore can be composted quickly after the harvest.

11. May 2020

Cautiously Optimistic

The Spanish government has extended the national lockdown until 24 May. In addition, there applies the worldwide travel warning by the German Foreign Ministry until 14 June inclusive. This means that holidaying at El Cabrito is not possible for the time being. But we are optimistic: The first phases for easing the lockdown and the re-opening of the Canary Isles has started successfully. On La Gomera there are zero cases of the illness and the easing of rules started a week ago and on Tenerife as from today. Please keep your fingers crossed for a further good development! We wish you a beautiful springtime and good health!

Foto: ©Michael Hubrich

30. April 2020

Family Life

Our two agricultural workers Raúl and Juan start their morning’s work in the goat shed. More than 20 goats have to be milked and the stables cleaned. This means a lot of work by hand since both have only one small milking machine for help. Our little goats – in Spanish “cabritos” – are from a few days to two weeks old. They enjoy life in their herd family and use the large compound for playing and romping about.

23. April 2020

Lockdown Extended Again

Dear guests, our hotel continues to be closed since the Spanish parliament has approved the extension of the national lock-down until 9 May. As soon as we learn any more news we will inform you here and via Facebook. Until then we wish you all to stay healthy and in good spirits during these exceptional times.


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