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23. April 2020

Lockdown Extended Again

Dear guests, our hotel continues to be closed since the Spanish parliament has approved the extension of the national lock-down until 9 May. As soon as we learn any more news we will inform you here and via Facebook. Until then we wish you all to stay healthy and in good spirits during these exceptional times.

20. April 2020

Shade for our little Guests

We make use of these weeks that we are sadly without guests to work on various pending projects. One of these is the arched sunshade for the sandy play area – constructed with reeds. Beneath this shadowy roof our little guests can play in the sand to their hearts’ delight in full view of the grown-ups who are enjoying coffee and cake on the bordering terrace.

10. April 2020

Spain’s Lockdown Extended

As you may have learnt from the media, Spain’s lockdown has been extended to Sunday, 26 April – until further notice. The restrictions are still valid also for the Canary Islands. This means you cannot travel here until that date.

We will keep you dated and hope for all of us to be able to pull through these unhappy times.

Foto: ©Cos Soteriou

Dear guests and
friends of El Cabrito!

We will close from Thursday, March 26th until Sunday, April 11th, 2020.

The situation is clear: Spain is in lock-down in order to diminish the spread of the Corona virus. This includes the closure of all hotels within seven days. Therefore, we have to communicate to you the intermediate closure of the Hotel Finca El Cabrito as from Thursday, March 26 until Saturday, April 11.

After that date we will communicate new orders of the authorities as they occur and keep you informed via Facebook or per email.

During the past 30 years we have mastered many challenges. We overcame them all and are confident that we will resist this particular crisis too.

Health is most important now. We hold the fort and thank you very much for your many good wishes and support.

We wish all our guests, friends and staff good health.

04. March 2020

Fragrant Orange Blossoms

Our little orange trees are growing magnificently. Despite having been planted only two years ago they are blooming particularly beautifully. All who walk through the Finca these weeks are enchanted by their entrancing scent. These flowers will produce juicy oranges full of vitamins which our guests can enjoy at our buffet come winter. There will not be many oranges to harvest yet since our little trees are still “teens”. But in the following two and three years the grown-up trees will regale us richly with oranges.

23. January 2020

Fresh Strawberries in January

The fruit you should keep away from in Northern Europe these days our guests can enjoy to their heart's delight - namely strawberries in January! We grow them on our Finca, pick them in the morning and serve them in the evening as dessert - of course with a cap of whipped cream and a sprinkling of fresh mince from our beds of kitchen herbs. These strawberries are not only aromatic but they are full of vitamins and minerals. They have been biologically fertilized and arrive from their bed onto your table without CO₂ use!

01. January 2020

New Year, new Commitment

It will happen soon: We are planning to offer our guests a regionally effective CO₂ compensation for your journeys to us. We know that this measure does not avoid CO₂ emission but does balance it. In order to achieve this aim we joined the La Gomera initiative PLÁNTATE.

PLÁNTATE is a new regional participative project which supports the restoration of the thermophile woods on La Gomera. Our guests are aware that we have taken care for many years now intensively and successfully and ecologically and sustainably with innovative measures to manage the Finca and Hotel El Cabrito. Now we confront the topic of travel. More about the work of PLÁNTATE and how you can use this initiative for your personal CO₂ compensation we will present to you shortly on our website.


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