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07. September 2021

Goats on Discovery Tour

Since a while ago our goats are roaming outside and the valley again. Our little guests especially love to watch our little herd from nearby. The goats return reliably and punctually to their shed when they are hungry. At the moment the billy-goat is the proud head of six female goats and four kids. Come late autumn and early winter we expect more offspring. We are looking forward to it.

23. June 2021

Eco-local: delicious, healthy, close-by

Our Hotel Finca El Cabrito has been in existence for 30 years. Up to this day this place is unique – for its situation and the aim to combine ecological agriculture with rural tourism. In a short film which has recently been created for a campaign by the Canary Institute for the Quality of Agricultural Produce (ICCA) Brigitte who manages the Finca together with her husband Egon and an experienced team explains: “This beautiful and isolated valley which can only be accessed by boat is the ideal place for the development of ecological agriculture. The idea to use it also for eco-tourism was initially born through economic necessities.” Today we offer our guests a living garden and use fresh and healthy produce in our kitchen all year round. Brigitte: “We have been true to the concept to follow a sustainable path both for agriculture and tourism for 30 years. I see the future of la Gomera in eco-tourism – which indeed is sustainable tourism.”

16. May 2021

Agriculture by Touch

The development from the yellow-golden coriander seed to the green Mojo sauce is a story full of fragrant and sensual impressions. And because it is fun to sow the seeds, enjoy the beautiful flowers, harvest fragrant leaves and then to chop and crush them in a mortar, to mix and stir them with other ingredients and taste the result ... we invite all our guests to prepare the green Mojo from start to end themselves. It is coriander - an aromatic herb related to dill and parsley - which gives the fresh green colour to the Mojo which on La Gomera is mostly served with fish, meat and the local salted wrinkled potatoes (papas arrugadas). During our new workshop series Agriculture by Touch you will learn a lot about the ecological cultivation of our herbs and vegetables - and will be able to prepare your first Mojo with mortar and mixer and to enjoy it. Come and take part!

21. April 2021

A Scent for the Senses

Those who take a walk across the finca in the early evening hours following their noses will feel suddenly elated. The reason is thousands of beautiful little white flowers which fill the air with their warm, sweet scent: Our little orange-trees are in bloom. Their fruity fragrance lends a feeling of well-being and relaxation. Butterflies and ladybirds, too love the nectar of the orange-blossoms. Oranges appreciate full sun, therefore our ecological agriculture suits them perfectly. We planted the trees two years ago and are looking forward to the first harvest in October.

15. February 2021

Cheeky But Charming

Our goats had offspring! The cuddly kids immediately conquered the hearts of our guests and workers alike.  From the goat's milk we produce delicious yoghourt and cheese - two favourite products which are part of every one of our breakfast buffets. And since our new kitchen also boasts a little smoke-house we can offer our cheese not only fresh but also smoked and half-smoked. Find out yourselves and have a taste of our delicious goat's milk produce!

14. January 2021

The perfect Mixture: Sun and Rain

The new year blessed us with rain which makes all of us here very happy! We had torrential rains for a whole week which put an end to the year-long drought. The rain did not only fill our three reservoirs in the hills but made them overflow. Now the water runs more than 4 kilometres through our barranco past the finca into the sea - for the first time since 2012! El Cabrito flourishes with lush green due to the prefect mixture of sun and rain: at 20°C the perfect holiday paradise for all who wish to turn their back to the winter.


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