Bananenhalle Finca Hotel La Gomera


14. January 2021

The perfect Mixture: Sun and Rain

The new year blessed us with rain which makes all of us here very happy! We had torrential rains for a whole week which put an end to the year-long drought. The rain did not only fill our three reservoirs in the hills but made them overflow. Now the water runs more than 4 kilometres through our barranco past the finca into the sea - for the first time since 2012! El Cabrito flourishes with lush green due to the prefect mixture of sun and rain: at 20°C the perfect holiday paradise for all who wish to turn their back to the winter.

20. December 2020

Happy Christmas!

This is how we experienced 2020: Daily news with facts and enormous challenges, yet again new hope, successes, remarkable solidarity and steadfast consideration. Now we are looking into the future full of optimism and confidence. We are also looking forward to our 30th anniversary!

We from El Cabrito wish you all a happy Christmas and all the best in the New Year. Stay happy, healthy and optimistic! Good-bye and looking forward to hear from you in 2021!

06. December 2020

Your Home Office at El Cabrito

Relaxed working in a paradisical spot: A quick swim in the sea in the morning, enjoying the view of the Atlantic during breaks and concluding the day in the plantation bar – this is how your home office at El Cabrito could look like. As of now, we offer guests who are interested to work from El Cabrito without disturbances

- your own office in a central and quiet spot with a small terrace
- free High Speed WLan
- a telephone connection with your own number

Apart from that you are of course invited to use our offers such as yoga, advice on nutricion, massages, children's care, etc.

We are looking forward to your booking!

11. November 2020

Forest Bathing in the Laurel Forest

Immerse in the forest and perceive everything consciously - listen, feel, breathe, smell, taste, sense, wonder, enjoy: This is forest bathing. The Japanese have practised the intensive occupation with the forest's atmosphere (Shinrin Yoku) for a long time. Now this idea has also reached La Gomera. The mindful sojourn in the forest helps slowing down and opens means to have a good contact with nature again. Forest bathing can reduce stress, lead to new ideas, more joy of living and relaxation. As from now, we offer excursions for forest bathing in the laurel forest regularly. A tour which stimulates all senses - a wellness programme with movement: Kneipp cures at the waterfall, breathing exercises in the pine forest, pilates exercises on wooden footbridges.

22. October 2020

Creative Kids

During their tracks through the finca our little guests have found an abundance of wonderful material in the nature which they then crafted skillfully with great enthusiasm. The colourful flowers of the hibiscus and bougainvillae plants are in great demand with our holiday children. The imaginative creations are seen to their best advantage in the warm light of the late summer.

Apart from decoratives, Katrin - who takes care of the children - offers more super activities for the kids who holiday here with their parents: yoga for children, treasure hunts, imitation of musicals, friedship bracelets, excursions ... All information as to how and when.

30. September 2020

First-Hand Delicacies

A joy for both the cook and the guests: Now Mary, our cook can serve personally what she has cooked before – at our assisted buffet. Our guests are delighted to have occasion to coax a few details concerning the dishes from the kitchen-team. This way everything tastes twice as good! And whoever wishes a second portion thus praises also the cooking-team. And it results in happy faces on both sides of the buffet!


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