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Traditional Canarian Basket Weaving in El Cabrito

Round or oval, wide or narrow, with or without handles- always attractive because they're made by you: your hands decide what you create with the palm fronds.

The Canarian date palm is unique. Traditionally, all parts were used, for example the fronds that bore delicious dates were used as brooms, but were also used for basket making.
Another of the "Living Agriculture" workshops is basket- making, offered by Zdenka, our plant expert. She will teach you during two afternoons, accompanying you step by step in the creative process.

Materials will be found on the finca. Palm fronds must be soaked in water before use. Learn how and where to find and collect them, selecting the best, most attractive examples. The basket bottom is made piece by piece with 12 thick stems and numerous finer pieces, always woven into a circle reminiscent of a mandala.

This form of individual craftwork involves some meditation and calm. At the end of the first day, you'll have made the base of your basket and will leave the workshop feeling a little more relaxed.

On the second day of the workshop, the sides are woven & the basket finished. Your creativity will have free rein to determine the final shape. When you finish, you'll have an authentic Canarian basket made with your own hands.



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