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The hoopoe, a splendid, crested bird

Its showy, orangey plumage, black & white striped wings, distinctive feathered crest & long curved beak give the hoopoe a truly exotic appearance.

Its characteristic flight reminds us of butterflies. The hoopoe balances with dexterity, flying in wavelike patterns.

It adores the warmth & spacious grounds of our Finca. We find the hoopoes amongst the orange, lemon & avocado trees, in the banana plantations & even in our new coffee plantation. On our organic finca, they find an abundance of larger insects, such as crickets, caterpillars & beetles, together with smaller species like worms & frogs, to satisfy their appetite.

In Germany this year, the hoopoe has been nominated Bird of the Year. The hoopoe population has declined due to habitat loss & natural biotope destruction. The hoopoe has been chosen together with the slogan "Poison is not the solution" to draw attention to diminishing numbers of insects & intensive farming.

The hoopoe is a permanent resident in our green oasis, greeting guests with its distinctive "oop oop oop" call. Come & observe these beautiful birds here at El Cabrito!


© Lili Kreutzer



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