Bananenhalle Finca Hotel La Gomera


Did you know...

... that El Cabrito is La Gomera's first organic finca? Or that the island's first reservoir and water treatment plant are to be found here too?

These facts, and other matters of sustainability and history, were the main themes of a training workshop here for all our employees. Together with our guests, our employees constitute one of the main pillars of El Cabrito. It's they who transmit the essence of the place to guests as they go about their daily work. It's therefore important that they are knowledgeable about their work place.

The weekly vegetarian menu for all guests to reduce CO2 emissions; Km0 menus based on finca sourced produce; the use of electric cars and the installation of a photovoltaic system are some of our principal actions towards sustainability.

Our summer party was the ideal occasion for this training, with everybody enjoying an opportunity to get to know the finca, the island & work colleagues better and to share personal stories and anecdotes.

All the above reflects our committment to the European Charter for Sustainable Tourism philosophy and to increase awareness of how and why El Cabrito applies sustainability criteria on an ongoimg, daily basis.



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