Bananenhalle Finca Hotel La Gomera


16. May 2021

Agriculture by Touch

The development from the yellow-golden coriander seed to the green Mojo sauce is a story full of fragrant and sensual impressions. And because it is fun to sow the seeds, enjoy the beautiful flowers, harvest fragrant leaves and then to chop and crush them in a mortar, to mix and stir them with other ingredients and taste the result ... we invite all our guests to prepare the green Mojo from start to end themselves. It is coriander - an aromatic herb related to dill and parsley - which gives the fresh green colour to the Mojo which on La Gomera is mostly served with fish, meat and the local salted wrinkled potatoes (papas arrugadas). During our new workshop series Agriculture by Touch you will learn a lot about the ecological cultivation of our herbs and vegetables - and will be able to prepare your first Mojo with mortar and mixer and to enjoy it. Come and take part!


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