Bananenhalle Finca Hotel La Gomera


11. November 2020

Forest Bathing in the Laurel Forest

Immerse in the forest and perceive everything consciously - listen, feel, breathe, smell, taste, sense, wonder, enjoy: This is forest bathing. The Japanese have practised the intensive occupation with the forest's atmosphere (Shinrin Yoku) for a long time. Now this idea has also reached La Gomera. The mindful sojourn in the forest helps slowing down and opens means to have a good contact with nature again. Forest bathing can reduce stress, lead to new ideas, more joy of living and relaxation. As from now, we offer excursions for forest bathing in the laurel forest regularly. A tour which stimulates all senses - a wellness programme with movement: Kneipp cures at the waterfall, breathing exercises in the pine forest, pilates exercises on wooden footbridges.


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