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22. October 2020

Creative Kids

During their tracks through the finca our little guests have found an abundance of wonderful material in the nature which they then crafted skillfully with great enthusiasm. The colourful flowers of the hibiscus and bougainvillae plants are in great demand with our holiday children....


30. September 2020

First-Hand Delicacies

A joy for both the cook and the guests: Now Mary, our cook can serve personally what she has cooked before – at our assisted buffet. Our guests are delighted to have occasion to coax a few details concerning the dishes from the kitchen-team. This way everything tastes twice as good!...


13. September 2020

Renewable Energies

This is good news for the environment: El Cabrito is finally allowed to increase their photovoltaic system. With 50 additional panels the efficiency of our existing system is doubled from 20kW to 40kW. This makes El Cabrito the biggest producer of renewable energies on La Gomera. Up to...



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