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14. January 2021

The perfect Mixture: Sun and Rain

The new year blessed us with rain which makes all of us here very happy! We had torrential rains for a whole week which put an end to the year-long drought. The rain did not only fill our three reservoirs in the hills but made them overflow. Now the water runs more than 4 kilometres...


06. December 2020

Your Home Office at El Cabrito

Relaxed working in a paradisical spot: A quick swim in the sea in the morning, enjoying the view of the Atlantic during breaks and concluding the day in the plantation bar – this is how your home office at El Cabrito could look like. As of now, we offer guests who are interested to...


11. November 2020

Forest Bathing in the Laurel Forest

Immerse in the forest and perceive everything consciously - listen, feel, breathe, smell, taste, sense, wonder, enjoy: This is forest bathing. The Japanese have practised the intensive occupation with the forest's atmosphere (Shinrin Yoku) for a long time.



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