Bananenhalle Finca Hotel La Gomera

Restaurant and Bar

Culinary Pleasures by the Sea

Here you can eat outside almost all year round – under palm trees on the beach or on the terrace behind the banana hall, surrounded by mango trees, oleander and hibiscus.

Due to the remote situation of our hotel we exclusively offer full pension. The buffet with fresh salads and vegetables from El Cabrito is famous for its sumptuousness. We offer meat or fish dishes daily and a vegetarian dish at every meal. Not all children are used to eat fish and vegetables. Therefore our kitchen team additionally prepare dishes such as pizza, spaghetti and chips.

The buffet hall is open all day long for our guests to help themselves to drinks and the fruit provided outside of mealtimes.

A Feast for the Senses

Here you enjoy delicious food from the buffet – served freshly three times a day – partly from our own vegetable and fruit cultivation.

Biological produce from the Finca such as goat's cheese, jams, avocados, bananas, mangos, papayas, passion fruit, dates and cactus-figs – all according to season – are part of the menu as well as meat, fish and vegetarian dishes.

And children's favourites are being cared for too!!

The Heart of a Hotel is it's Kitchen

Our gomeran kitchen team prepare daily fresh meals consisting mainly of the Finca's biologically grown vegetables and fruit. Meat and fish are part of the menu as well as vegetarian dishes.

And our kitchen offers even more delicacies: sumptuous cakes, tempting desserts created from Canary recipes, jams made from the Finca's fruits and fresh cheese produced from our goats' fresh milk according to old Gomera traditions.

Terrace under Palm Trees

There is a large area stretching from the banana hall up to the beach. This is where you can enjoy your meal, have a coffee and a chat with friends under the palm trees, not far away from the lapping sea water and with a view of the Teide vulcano.

You'll be able to view the sun and the moon rising from the sea. For those who find the beach area too sunny and hot there is the possibility to retreat under the big shade of the terrace with its surrounding bushes of hibiscus and oleander behind the banana hall.

Biological Cultivation

With fresh fruit, juices, desserts and jams of bananas, papayas, mangos, mameys and dates we offer produce exclusively cultivated on the Finca under biological conditions. Furthermore, at the fruit buffet you can look forward to loquats, oranges, melons and strawberries – all depending on season.

Avocadoes, tomatos, lettuce and potatoes too can be savoured mainly from our own crop.

Atmospheric Plantation Bar

The bar is the evening's meeting point which offers relaxed enjoyment with creatively concocted cocktails and cool drinks – inside at the long beautifully curved counter and outside under the palm trees. Huge moonlike lights create an impressive atmosphere while current music gets you into the mood. The sea and the beach behind the tamarisk trees are only a few steps away.


The bar which was inaugurated on occasion of a big end-of-year party in 2016 forms part of the new building which now also houses the large, modern hotel kitchen.


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