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Holiday of the Senses

Aktivurlaub La Gomera

Be Active or Enjoy Relaxing

Dive, snorkel, fish. Spend the night in the bar dancing and gambling. Work your way through the expansive library. Take an easel to paint in nature. Climb our own hill at sunrise and let yourself be overwhelmed by the fantastic view across the sea. Hike along the surrounding hills to San Sebastián – with a pause to bathe and swim in a secluded bay. Whatever your tastes: If you like to be active El Cabrito offers every kind of inspiration and stimulation.

But you can also do nothing at all. If you have had nothing but meetings and conferences all last year you might want to spend your holidays just relaxing in a pleasant environment. Whatever way you want: El Cabrito offers the setting for very special holidays suited to your senses with a lot of nature included.

Beach and Sea

Sonnenbaden auf La Gomera


El Cabrito's bay belongs to the prettiest beaches of La Gomera. From there you can watch the sun rise out of the sea. Our beach of black sand is scattered with smaller and larger pebbles. There are firmly fixed sun-shades, loungers, sweet-water showers as well as toilets.

Jeremias und Marga

Jeremias and Marga for Information, Advice and Organisation

At reception Jeremias an Marga are here to answer all your questions on the Finca. Our tri-lingual reception team give you advice on excursions and car rents.

At reception you are provided with recent information about La Gomera, the island's sights worth seeing, the magnificent walks as well as rich information about the Fog Forest and the World Heritage National Parque Garajonay.




Massage La Gomera

Feel New Forces Immediately

Holidaying at El Cabrito means relaxation for your body, mind and soul. Let loose, open up to changes, win new forces: massages support these processes because they make you feel the healing interaction of body, mind and soul immediately.

There are explicit explanations and application lists at reception to the massages on offer applied by Susanne Volkmann, Uta Mitlmeier and Denis Nedel who work several times a week at El Cabrito.

For Body, Soul and Mind

Susanne: Classic, Hot Stone, Lomi-Lomi

Susanne has amongst others capacities as a state approved masseur and swimming attendant for medicinal purposes. With her massages she captures the moves of the sea, uses the stones' forces on the body and aloe vera for its beneficent effectiveness. Her programme includes classical massage, manual lymph drainage, lomo-lomi Hawaiian temple massage, professional stone massage with hot basalt stone and refreshening face treatment with aloe vera.

Uta: Massages for Relaxation and Well-Being

Uta, a therapist with a diploma in Shiatsu and Ayurveda offers you massages for relaxation and well-being. She individually and intuitively chooses elements from Shiatsu, Arun Continuous Touch and Holistic Bodywork. Furthermore you can book Ayurveda whole-body oil massages and Keralesic foot-pressure massages – when the body is massaged by feet.

Denis: Looses Blockades

Denis is a physiotherapist and uses a mixture of classical massage together with Eastern techniques to loosen blockades and locally limited hardening of the muscle (trigger points). His programme also includes a detox-massage with cold-pressed almond-oil and sea-salt or volcanic earth such as the reposition of joints through gentle movements of other joints.

NEW: Therapy and Consultation with Denis

In his profession as osteopath Denis offers now further services at El Cabrito - each lasting 60 to 120 minutes:

Natural Healing: regenerating, healing, strengthening and activating the self-healing powers
Kinesiology: Analysing the body picture as foundation for therapies, cleansing or changing
Nutritional advice in matters such as when and why one eats thereby creating the consciousness for a varied whole-food diet
Advice in health matters includes everything which influences our health: workplace, sleeping quarter, electric smog, radio beams, geopathic stress, cosmetics, clothing, movement, thoughts, mental patterns ...


Yogaurlaub La Gomera

Release Soul Spaces with Yoga

Open Spaces in the Soul with Yoga Uta, qualified Shiatsu therapist who many years now has been well-known and liked by guests at El Cabrito for her relaxation and feel-good massages currently offers yoga a few times a week. She adapts her yoga lessons to the participants' individual needs and yoga experience.

Information and appointment lists for Uta's yoga programme are on display in reception.

Look forward to wonderful yoga lessons with Uta!


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