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About us

The El Cabrito Team

The Finca El Cabrito has a moving past and a captivating present. History ranges from the plantation of bananas over a communitarian life experiment to an ecological tourism with integrated biological agriculture. The magic of this place in its extraordinary setting in a protected valley close to the Atlantic motivated a team of idealists to try and preserve El Cabrito as a holiday paradise. The Finca has been open to guests since 1991. Today the renovated manor house and the former workers' dwellings harbour holidaying guests from many countries.

Our regulars appreciate not least the unique opportunity to combine relaxation and holidaying with ecological, aesthetic and social aspects.

Brigitte and Egon

are the managing directors. “Our work is primarily dedicated to our guests. Furthermore we organise the Finca. We like to compare El Cabrito to an island on the island, as a holiday village with self-sufficiency of high quality.” Brigitte manages the guest area and the service teams of around 20 employees. Egon looks mainly after the technical installations.

Top Team

We maintain a biological agriculture, have our own water supply and a photovoltaic system. We even have our own transport consisting of three boats which cross the sea daily. For all these tasks we need experienced and competent employees. We are very proud of the fact that most of these have been part of the El Cabrito team for many years – many right from the beginning.

Practical Training

Would You Like to Work With Us?

Welcome! We offer young people between 20 and 30 the opportunity to complete a practical training. It consists of 6 weeks – shorter training periods do not work well in our organisation. There are 6 working hours per day with one free day per week.

These are the tasks: Our trainees work in stewarding (scullery), housekeeping (cleaning, laundry) and service. You will learn about the order of working steps in the facilities of a small hotel and receive full pension and accommodation there and in the end a confirmation of your practical training.

This you ought to know: You'll be working in a gastronomic business which demands keeping in with certain hygienic standards and pleasant manners in the contact with guests and colleagues.

This we need from you: Your curriculum vitae and either a certification of an official institution (training college, university ...) or the copy of an insurance policy for accidents including a paying-in slip.

Our Ownership Structure

Tourism beyond Profit

It is the aim of El Cabrito to find a happy medium between the economic conditions our enterprise has to accept and the realisation of an ideal which takes ecological, aesthetical and social demands into consideration. Our aim is not maximising profits but securing the continuance of this place with all its special features. Naturally, this includes the further development and improvements to fit into the current picture organically. None of our guests has to feel obliged to any kind of consumerism. On the other hand we do not want – and cannot – loose our sight of the economic necessities.

El Cabrito Supported by Shareholders

This unusual company concept is currently supported by more than 300 shareholders of who many are also regulars at the hotel. These shareholders waive distribution of dividends in favour of the maintenance and further extension of the Hotel Finca El Cabrito.

The Hotel Finca El Cabrito is completely self-financed, therefore no interest and credit rates have to be earned. The gained means is reinvested by a 100% which allows an operationally growth in small organic steps. Guests of many years who can identify with this concept are offered the opportunity to contribute to the future of the Hotel Finca El Cabrito as shareholders.

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