19. May 2019

Colours from La Gomera’s Magic Garden

To create paints yourself is a very sensual process. The participants of a two-week workshop offered by the Swiss artist Mary Anne Imhof have been able to experience this first-hand. The stones collected in the mountains were smashed, pulverised to fine colour pigments in the workshop at El Cabrito and finally mixed to create coloured paints. Thus, individual paint-boxes with various water-colours were made. The result are works of art painted freely and with relish. Mary Anne Imhof says: “We have coaxed artistically secrets from the stones and thereby led the guests of our exhibition into a magic garden of natural paints.”

02. May 2019

Naturally Sustainable

Cut banana leaves into strips, plait them and fasten the braid onto a narrow strip of carton – and there you have a very special book-mark. Plaiting the fibrous banana leaves is a traditional Gomeran craft. Recently Petra, a local crafts artist from Vallehermoso taught our guests at El Cabrito how to master this. It seems simple but it needs patience and a bit of skill – but it is fun. With this action our guests manage to support the Gomeran Society for Sustainability: It will use these handmade book-marks at Canary fairs for sustainability.

19. April 2019

The Easter Bunnies of El Cabrito

More than hundred white and coloured Easter bunnies are decorating the windows of the banana-hall at El Cabrito this year – each and every one of them unique – born from imagination, cut out freehand and signed by Lilo C. Karsten. The Berlin artist has again arranged for our guests to participate in her yearly Easter workshop – including the painting of eggs and Easter decorations.

Together with Lilo’s distinctive Easter bunnies we at El Cabrito wish all our guests and friends of the finca hotel a HAPPY EASTER!

Sustainable Shades

The sunshades at El Cabrito are rather curious beauties: They are dishevelled by winds and rooted into the sand they cannot be tilted nor can their height be adjusted. But never the less they resist sun, storm and salt and are dependant to give plenty of shade. Another remarkable feature which is taken very seriously at El Cabrito: They are sustainable. Once their sustaining metal frames have been fixed deeply into the sand damaged palm fronds in the shade are replaced by new ones if necessary. The 35 shades which provide shade in the bay of El Cabrito work without plastic, without rot-proof material or other chemical preservers. They are a gift to nature.

11. March 2019


The beach-bar at El Cabrito offers a new attraction: a large pool billiard table. Add the good atmosphere, super music, a finca cocktail … and the ball rolls!

21. February 2019

Nature’s Magic

Here are our mango trees again! Do you remember? In May 2018 these rows of trees were snow-white. The last picture showed the leafless trunks and branches of our old mango trees which we had protected from the sun with a layer of lime after a drastic rejuvenating pruning. Now, almost a year later you can hardly recognise those former ghost-like creatures. Now every tree bears bushy crowns which are thick, healthy and green. We are amazed by nature’s magic and looking forward to the harvest. We are expecting new buds in the coming year and from the following summer on juicy mangoes for our buffet!

Entrance eye-catcher

Five large paintings by German-Swiss artist Ingeborg Lüscher serve as the new eye-catcher in the entrance to the Banana Hall. We were delighted to receive this very special gift from finca guests at the end of last year. And we are equally delighted to be able to exhibit the expressive works of art in the newly-renovated Banana Hall.

Our Banana Hall is now sound-proofed and new lighting has been installed. It’s bright, but not glary: The lighting is good and can be dimmed to suit the prevailing mood. The new lights serve multiple needs so that when not in use for dining, guests can use the Banana Hall as a meeting place – perhaps to play board games or view the artworks exhibited there.

The ceiling of the Banana Hall, which is more than 100 years old, has undergone a number of changes. The existing noise-reducing elements have been renewed and improved. Quiet, especially when dining, fosters relaxation and calms the nerves. And here at El Cabrito that is the ultimate aim.
Photo: Benoit Tremsal