10. December 2018

Caring for the environment

We have an ambitious action plan – one that sees us adding more eco-powered vehicles to our existing fleet, reforesting the area around the new bar with native plants, telling guests how they can help us save electricity and water, and enlarging the goat pen to improve our livestock management approach. These are just some of the goals we want to achieve by 2020 here at the El Cabrito Finca Hotel – and they are part of our binding cooperation agreement with the Garajonay National Park.

For the past seven years or so, we have used activities like those listed above to demonstrate how tourism and environment protection can work hand in hand. In close collaboration with the national park, we agree clearly-defined goals that set out the environment protection activities we want to introduce on the finca and in the hotel. At a meeting held just recently (photo), we agreed a whole catalogue of measures that we must implement in the course of the next two years.

30. November 2018

Organic honey from Canary black bees

El Cabrito has welcomed some hundred-thousand new helpers who will be buzzing about to make sure breakfasts feature a local speciality in 2019: Organic honey made by black Canarian bees. The finca is supporting a project run by Miguel and Mathias who breed and keep hives of the island’s indigenous black bees. When it comes to honey-making, El Cabrito’s remote location provides a perfect site: Its fruit trees, vegetable crops and especially the wild flowers on the hillsides all offer an endless supply of nectar. And by pollinating El Cabrito’s tree blossom and flowers, the busy Canary black bees help us cultivate our own organic crops.

Not a Fountain of Joy

The frost-resistant fountain grass with its elegantly swaying translucent ears is to be found in many European gardens. Unfortunately, it has found a literally “solid place” on the Canary Islands where it has now become a plague because it drives out local plants and therefore endangers the variety of the flora. On La Gomera the barranco of El Cabrito has been particularly affected. In order to contain the spreading we cooperate with the organisation Matarrisco who are presently busy removing seeds and plants from the riverbed. This is an arduous task which we willingly support: We organize the transfer by boat and meals for the helpers. All guests on the finca who are prepared to exchange their staff for a rake for a few hours a more than welcome in the Matarrisco team.

Grüne Wellen, blaues Meer

Vier Wochen lang lädt Lilo Karsten auf El Cabrito Kinder und Erwachsene dazu ein, sich künstlerisch auszutoben. Die Berliner Künstlerin bietet in ihrem Herbstatelier alles an, was mit Farben Spaß macht: Stoffe tapen, Bodypainting, Aquarell- und erstmals auf El Cabrito auch Seidenmalerei, farbenprächtige Hinterglasmalerei, Zeichnen, Radierungen. Vom T-Shirt über Schürzen und Handtücher bis zum Rucksack – alles, was sich mit leuchtenden Farben bedrucken lässt – steht zur Verfügung. Der Workshop ist für alle Gäste bis Ende Oktober geöffnet. Fortsetzung folgt: Lilo kommt in den Osterferien wieder!

Roasted Multi-Talent

Among other delicacies breakfast at El Cabrito offers home-made goat yoghourt, ingredients for muesli such as raisins, nuts, cornflakes – and gofio. Gofio? Most of our guests do not know what this is, namely roasted flour which at the times of the original Canary inhabitants was won from barley, nowadays more from maize or wheat. It is first roasted in clay containers and then very finely ground in the traditional way between basalt stones: gofio is a multi-talent which, due to the roasting lends a slightly nutty taste to meals. In the kitchens of El Cabrito stews and sauces are improved with gofio and cakes and bread are baked with this roasted flour – and even your muesli becomes more tasty with a spoonful of gofio.

More Room, More Comfort

First the new bar, then the new kitchen and now: the new buffet hall! For the finale of our renovations in the area of the banana hall we again put our shoulder to the wheel. The buffet hall is now larger and rather luxurious and offers more space for vegetarian food and our menus for children. The new counters – especially built for El Cabrito – are little technical multi-talents: amongst other capacities they keep food hot or cool and the fruit on offer fresh throughout the day. For us, a short walk means faster service since the integrated service kitchen enables us to refill the counters according to demand with drinks, fresh fruit and other delicacies during mealtimes. Enjoy now our buffet even more! ¡Buen provecho!

15. May 2018

White Art … Green Fingers

Is it art or can it be removed? This is what our guests ask themselves when they look at the trees in white on the finca. What’s behind this bizarre layer of paint? The answer is: We protect our more than 40 years old mango-trees from the sun with a layer of slaked lime and various admixtures. This was necessary after a rejuvenation pruning for the trees again to be able to sprout vigorously after two dry winters. But without a top they had no protection from the sun. The lime will disappear eventually – best by being washed off by the next rain.

© Foto: Hanne Bauer