Entrance eye-catcher

Five large paintings by German-Swiss artist Ingeborg Lüscher serve as the new eye-catcher in the entrance to the Banana Hall. We were delighted to receive this very special gift from finca guests at the end of last year. And we are equally delighted to be able to exhibit the expressive works of art in the newly-renovated Banana Hall.

Our Banana Hall is now sound-proofed and new lighting has been installed. It’s bright, but not glary: The lighting is good and can be dimmed to suit the prevailing mood. The new lights serve multiple needs so that when not in use for dining, guests can use the Banana Hall as a meeting place – perhaps to play board games or view the artworks exhibited there.

The ceiling of the Banana Hall, which is more than 100 years old, has undergone a number of changes. The existing noise-reducing elements have been renewed and improved. Quiet, especially when dining, fosters relaxation and calms the nerves. And here at El Cabrito that is the ultimate aim.
Photo: Benoit Tremsal