Finca News

Entrance eye-catcher

Five large paintings by German-Swiss artist Ingeborg Lüscher serve as the new eye-catcher in the entrance to the Banana Hall. We were delighted to receive this very special gift from finca guests at the end of last year. And we are equally delighted to be able to exhibit the expressive...


Fountain of light on the cliff wall

Premier at the start of the year: Rather than sending up fireworks that produce noise and clouds of smoke, for the first time since it opened El Cabrito welcomed the New Year with a fountain of light. Using the cliff wall behind the finca’s bar as a backdrop, we projected a fountain of...


21. December 2018

Mornings aglow

At El Cabrito, some of the most memorable moments are presented every morning by nature when the sun rises on the horizon as if emerging from the sea. Turning darkness into daylight, it works its magic across the bay. The black silhouettes of the palm trees, the backdrop of rugged...