Finca News

22. July 2019

Summer Nights Fun: Playing Boules

Now, at the heights of summer the boules players have a great time on our new illuminated boules pitch behind the bar. Beneath our beautiful palm trees, accompanied by the inimitable cries of the Cory’s shearwaters and the wafts of oleander flowers playing


25. June 2019

Comfortable Living

Our young guests’ hearts are moved above all by the animals who live on the finca. And so it happened that it was mostly the children who pestered us on one point: They found that our goat-shed was too small and that the herd needed a far larger living area to feel comfortable. Our...


12. June 2019

First Honey Collection

Black bees and golden honey: The hundreds of thousands of black Canary bees which we keep at El Cabrito since last autumn have developed very well and are fulfilling their most important task namely pollinating the local plants. Two of the presently seven bee-hives have already become...