Finca News

18. September 2019

Prickly Cactus and its Fruit

It is hardly believable but the metre-high fig cacti survive without water. A few drops of rain suffice to make them grow on. And not only that – in the autumn these desert plants achieve to produce wonderfully juicy fruit. As of two weeks ago these prickly cactus figs have been part...


Our Paradise

El Cabrito on La Gomera:
A Natural Paradise for Your Family Holidays

El Cabrito offers sun, sea and relaxation for the whole family. With us you can holiday alone, in pairs, with your children and even together with your grandchildren. The finca hotel (Category **) is built on a former banana plantation and is situated in a large, green valley directly by the sea – without access for cars and from roads, far away from the hustle and bustle of tourism.

Impressive sunrises, the incomparable starry sky, the cry of the shearwaters at the beach and the croaking of the frogs lead you to an instant arrival in nature. The sunny bay of El Cabrito invites you to swim, sunbathe, snorkel and dive the whole year round.

Hotel Finca El Cabrito on La Gomera – the ultimate island for hikers and those who look for tranquility – is a holiday paradise for young and old alike!

Invigorating Contrasts

El Cabrito has much to offer. It is a remote place with its own magic and invigorating contrasts due to the elementary forces of nature. The breakers of the Atlantic become the Finca's soundtrack. Every morning you can follow the rising sun above the sea and in the evening the setting sun bathes the vulcano Teide (3.718 metres) on the neighbouring Island Tenerife into a golden light.

Foregoing Superfluous Comforts

Our guests appreciate the extraordinary scenery combined with the appeal to holidaying far from the standards and offers of the ordinary tourist industry. We intentionally forego big comforts: You will find no room-service, no mini-bar and no TV in your room.

Pure Recreation

We offer pure recreation and many possibilities be it for action or for leisure. Those who like to hike can disvover a lot in one to two hours – for example the footpath to San Sebastián, to the reservoirs or the abandoned village of Seima. Any more you would like to sea? In that case we would suggest a boat excursion with the whole family to watch whales and dolphins!

Impressive Mountain World

Hiking in the mountains is an integral part of holidaying at El Cabrito – along the old paths of the original inhabitants up into the surrounding mountains and ranges of hills. All degrees of difficulties are on offer and above all sensational views in the ragged yet enchanting mountain world of La Gomera as well as of the surrounding Canary Isles.